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Care Instructions for Leather Goods - Atelier Grinda

All the leather goods at Atelier Grinda are crafted by a single artisan, Nicolas Grinda, with passion, patience and craftsmanship.

Taking good care of your leather goods can make your unique pieces last a lifetime.

Leather is a living material, that changes shape and texture over time, unveiling a patina.

All the leathers used at Atelier Grinda are top-class leathers from the best tanneries (mainly from France, Italy and the UK).

Please follow these tips to make your Grinda leather goods a lifetime partner.

Give it some rest

In order to preserve its looks and beauty, luxury leather goods need to rest. They need a little vacation, more often than you might think. When you are not using your Grinda leather good, make sure to store it in a dry place, away from direct sunlight. Storing it in a box or dust cover is a really good idea. If it is a bag, place tissue paper or bubble wrap inside to maintain its shape and close all the zippers.

Protect it from bad weather and potentially harmful objects

In this case, bad weather is rainy weather, but also a very sunny day, when a ton of sunlight will hit your leather good for a prolonged amount of time. Any source of excessive heat as well as humidity will have a destructive effect on your leather good and might contribute to a change of color over time.

A little tip if your leather good comes in contact with water: do not wait and wipe it immediately with a soft lint-free cloth.

Some harmful objects can leave permanent marks on the leather. Some examples include: oil-based products (makeup, lipstick...), alcohol-based products (perfume...), any type of ink (pen, marker...).

Another tip is not to overload your leather goods, and do not place objects with irregular shapes that could contribute to your leather good loosing its original shape over time.

Do not use commercial care products

The leathers used at Atelier Grinda are not suitable for these. Before taking action, the very best thing that you can do is send a message to the Atelier and ask for a recommendation. It is important to know the type of leather that your leather object was made of, and take advice as to what the best pampering could be in your special case.